Brows Microblading




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 Brows Microblading

Hair by Hair stroke

Whether your brows have thinned with age, overplucked, very fair or want to improve the shape/look. It is a Natural hair strokes fill in the thin, sparse, bald spots also total brow reconstruction (alopecia) .  It is a  Manual precise technique   of Microblading procedure involves drawing individual hair-strokes among your natural ones with small disposable tool blended with a long lasting medical  pigment to the top layer of the skin under your existing brows using , creating a very natural beautiful brow a 24/7  made up brow effect

Treatment Steps:

appointment can last up to 2 hours
  • Eyebrow mapping
  • 20 mins numbing topical cream applied
  • pigment applied using manual tool and chosen pigment
  • area cleaned
  • touch up is recommended after
  • results can last up to 2 years, annual colour boost is recommended to keep brow looking fresh ( subject to different skin types, after care followed and top-up every 4-6months)

*Special package and price for returning clients

Microblading (Strokes):   £399.00 (initial price)  –  *Introductory Offer 1st time client £299.00  –OFFER END August 2017

A manual Semi-Permanent Brow Treatment using fine needles to create natural brows

Shaded/Powdered Brow: £ 410.00 (initial price) – *Introductory Offer £350.00  OFFER END August 2017

An ultimate statement,  powdered brows t0 achieve a bolder mist colour

Strokes & Shading: £465.00(initial price) –*Introductory Offer £390.00  OFFER END August 2017

A  natural look with added depth. A combination of Microblading hairstroke technique and Ombre

Colour Boost 4- 6months :  £ 125.00(initial price) – *Introductory Offer £90.00  OFFER END August 2017

Colour Boost 12 months: £ 175.00(initial price) – *Introductory Offer £155.00  OFFER END August 2017

*For best result we recommend a Colour boost every 6 months for maintenance and looking fresh  pigment. some  skins do retain pigments better than others.  Without your refresher Colour Boost/Retouches the colour will gradually fade away with time

Colour Correction available : (quotation on request)

For eyebrow tail extension, scar camouflage and gap fillers for natural look, permanent make up brows….

Please Note : After 12 months and if no pigment remains  in the skin, full treatment price applies

Contra-indications– Skin Patch test – Before and after treatment Protocoles – Aftercare ( call the Practice  for consultation and more information)

* Terms&conditions applies- Introductory offer only for first time client and valid one month only, not in conjunction with any other VIP Loyalty Card or any other discounts .once work has been approved and started  NO REFUND.