Brows Microblading



 Brows Microblading

Hair by Hair stroke

Whether your brows have thinned with age, overplucked, very fair or want to improve the shape/look. It is a Natural hair strokes fill in the thin, sparse, bald spots also total brow reconstruction (alopecia) .  It is a  Manual precise technique   of Microblading procedure involves drawing individual hair-strokes among your natural ones with small disposable tool blended with a long lasting medical  pigment to the top layer of the skin under your existing brows using , creating a very natural beautiful brow a 24/7  made up brow effect

Treatment Steps:

appointment can last up to 2 hours
  • Eyebrow mapping
  • 20 mins numbing topical cream applied
  • pigment applied using manual tool and chosen pigment
  • area cleaned
  • touch up is recommended after 4-6 weeks only
  • results can last up to 2 years, annual colour boost is recommended to keep brow looking fresh

Microblading (Strokes):   £399.00 (initial price)  –  *Introductory Offer 1st time client £299.00

A manual Semi-Permanent Brow Treatment using fine needles to create natural brows

Shaded/Powdered Brow: £ 410.00 (initial price) – *Introductory Offer £350.00

An ultimate statement,  powdered brows t0 achieve a bolder mist colour

Strokes & Shading: £465.00(initial price) –*Introductory Offer £390.00

A  natural look with added depth. A combination of Microblading hairstroke technique and Ombre

Colour Boost 6months :  £ 125.00(initial price) – *Introductory Offer £90.00

Colour Boost 12 months: £ 175.00(initial price) – *Introductory Offer £155.00

*For best result we recommend a Colour boost every 6-18 months for maintenance and looking fresh  pigment. some  skins do retain pigments better than others.  Without your refresher Colour Boost/Retouches the colour will gradually fade away with time

Colour Correction available : (quotation on request)

For eyebrow tail extension, scar camouflage and gap fillers for natural look

Please Note : After 12 months and if no pigment remains  in the skin, full treatment price applies

Contra-indications- Skin Patch test – Before and after treatment Protocoles – Aftercare ( call the Practice  for consultation and more information)

* Terms&conditions applies- Introductory offer only for first time client and valid one month only, not in conjunction with any other VIP Loyalty Card or any other discounts.